Athlete Corner: Anne-Marie Dorsch

Athlete Corner:
I came up with an idea to highlight athletes each week that do the same work/family balance as every one else, but still manage to put the time in to train and improve.  Our everyday athletes who I believe are extraordinary (but they generally don’t look at it that way).  It takes a lot of work to balance work, fun, family and everything else we have going on.  The people I highlight do that and train day in and day out and are seeing incredible results.  I love to tell that story.  I do want to take a moment in advance to thank Matt Gunville from CrossFit 920 (Green Bay WI) for thinking this crazy idea might fly.  I’d also like to thank all of the athletes that let me photograph them while working out (not exactly comfortable).  In today’s Athlete Corner, I am pleased to introduce you to one of the friendly faces at CrossFit 920, Anne-Marie Dorsch. Spirit is a word that truly defines Anne-Marie’s essence. It might seem strange to talk about the nonphysical part of someone, their soul in an athlete’s blog. But truth be told, she pours her heart and soul in everything she does. You will also find Anne-Marie smiling even after the most difficult WODs (workout of the day). She even smiles at 4:30 am., the class time she commits to coming to every day. When she moved back to Green Bay she searched all over to find a gym that “fit” her personality. She is so happy to have found CrossFit 920. Walking into the gym for the first time, she knew instantly that this was the place.  CrossFit 920 has an extremely supportive environment. Between the gym members and the coaches, you are sure to be motivated and pushed to be your best. I asked Anne-Marie what she would say to anyone considering CrossFit. Her recommendation is to not be “intimidated walking in the door. Just go. It feels intimidating at first, but it isn’t. Everyone starts where you are.” And when you surround yourself with people like Anne-Marie, you can’t help but be motivated. It’s been so much fun for me (and the rest of the gym) to watch Anne-Marie get faster and stronger over the years. If you talked to Anne-Marie, you would find that she is most proud of her first muscle up and her 265# deadlift PR. She was able to get her first muscle up this past week, something she had been working on for so long and then “it just happened.” Well, you and I know, it didn’t “just happen”. Hard work pays off! Stop in for the 4:30 am class and see this Spirit in action.

Anne Marie

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