Athlete Corner

Let me introduce you to Paige.  Paige has been coming to the gym for years with her parents and began with CrossFit Kids.  Last fall she went through onramp officially and comes to CrossFit daily at 5:30 in the morning.  Paige is 15 years old and with her busy after school schedule, 5:30 am is the only time to get her workouts in consistently.  Matt’s word for Paige is eccentric.  Paige is certainly unconventional and has been paving her own path for quite awhile.  She has a crazy personality is driven and dramatic all in one package.  My favorite version of Paige is when the Russian accent comes out.  She’s silly and hard working.  Paige has many talents.  She’s a multi-sport athlete (Softball, Volleyball, CrossFit, and Powerlifting).  She is also a talented musician.  At the USAPL 920 Powerlifting Meet, Paige sang the National Anthem to get the event kicked off and was also the first lifter.  Paige attends East High School and enjoys lifting with some friends from her school.  CrossFit has helped her compete in high school at a much higher level.  She has noticed that it has helped with both strength and endurance.  This past month, Paige completed her first ever Powerlifting meet.  She finished first in the Teen Division with a combined 3 lift total of 235 kg (518#) qualifying her for USAPL Teen Nationals.  She’s an extremely impressive young lady, who has a quirky side.  She is one to watch out for in the future.

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